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Nintendo of Europe hatte die Möglichkeit mit dem Animal Crossing to Go! Produzent, Katsuya Eguchi und dem General Manager des EAD Software Designing Department Takashi Tezuka ein Interview zu führen. Hier sind die wichtigsten Punkte davon zusammengefasst.

Eguchi erklärte, dass auch eine weitere GameCube Version von Animal Crossing, diesmal kompatibel mit dem Breitbandadapter, geplant war. Doch sie gaben diese Idee schnell auf. Als sie jedoch mehr über den Nintendo DS und dessen Wi-Fi Fähigkeiten lernten, entschieden sie sich, eine DS Version zu entwickeln, die einen Online Modus bietet.

Der Sinn der Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ist es, Spieler, die sehr weit weg voneinander sind, einander näher zu bringen, so als würden sie im gleichen Raum spielen. Man kann zum Beispiel einen Angelwettbewerb machen, natürlich mit den eigenen Spielregeln.
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Die Cube-Version hatte die interne Uhr benutzt, damit sich Ereignisse mit der Zeit verändern. Auf die Frage wie das bei Animal Crossing to Go! sein wird, antwortet Eguchi wie folgt: "In jeder Onlinesitzung gibt es einen Gastgeber und einen Besucher. Dieser besucht die Stadt des Gastgebers und muss sich somit an die Zeitzone des Gastgebers anpassen. Die Besucher wechseln Zeitzonen wie im richtigen Leben."

Wie in der GameCube Version wird es möglich sein, Geschenke in fremde Städte zu legen, damit sie der beschenkte Mitspieler findet. Auf die Frage, ob es herunterladbare Extras geben wird, antwortete Eguchi, dass man nichts derartiges plant.

Zu guter Letzt meinte Eguchi, dass sie gerade daran arbeiten, das Museum und den Tom Nook's Shop, welche einen wichtigen Aspekt in der Cube-Version darstellen, in das Spiel zu integrieren.

Wenn ihr euch schon so richtig auf das Spiel freut, dann gebt doch einen Leserhype ab, damit Animal Crossing to Go! in der Most Wanted höher steigt! 
Das vollständige Interview in Englisch:
NOE: Could you give our members a quick introduction about yourselves and your involvement in Animal Crossing DS?

Takashi Tezuka: “My name is Takashi Tezuka, I work as a General Producer at EAD, where I started as a designer about 20 years ago. I worked on the Mario, Zelda and Yoshi series together with Mr Miyamoto, and right now I’m working on Animal Crossing DS with Mr. Eguchi.”

Katsuyi Eguchi “I am Katsuyi Eguchi and right now I am working as a producer on Animal Crossing DS. In the past I’ve designed courses for Super Mario Bros. 3 and have also worked on Star Fox and Wave Race. I was also the director of the GameCube version of Animal Crossing.”

NOE: When Animal Crossing for the Nintendo GameCube was released, a lot of people thought it was a great game, but they would have liked it to be playable online. You must be pretty excited about working on Animal Crossing DS, which will be playable over the Internet?

KE: “Yes, absolutely right. Actually, after the GameCube version was released we considered releasing a Broadband Adapter-compatible version of the game. However, after considering what that would involve on the side of the user, we realised that there were just too many obstacles for them. Around that time we also learnt about the Nintendo DS and its internal Wi-Fi features to make use of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, so we thought ‘well, this is perfect’, and the more we thought about the Nintendo DS with its touch screen and other features, we just realised how easy the transition from the GameCube version to the DS version would be.”

NOE: In the GameCube version you could play completely by yourself, but it was also nice to share the environment with other people. Can you explain the different kind of user experiences that people can get in the DS version, when playing alone, or at home with friends, or over the internet?

TT: “With the DS version, in single player mode there are many, many new aspects of the game to be discovered, for example there are new characters. Also the buildings have changed, like the museum which now has a second floor with a different kind of exhibition. On the first floor there’s a coffee shop where K.K. Slider plays. And in Tom Nook's department store there’s now a beauty salon where you can customise your hair. Of course there are many new items to be found like furniture, so there are many things that people can enjoy just playing alone.”

KE: “As for the difference between playing with friends at home or over the Internet, the point of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is to bring people, who are normally very far away, closer, so that it feels as if you were playing together in the same room. Of course, when you are playing the game by yourself, you can go fishing – but if you’re playing with someone else, both of you can go fishing and you can perhaps create your own rules for a fishing competition, like ‘Let’s play for 10 minutes and see who catches the most fish.’ This is exactly the kind of communication that is so important to the game: establishing rules, negotiating, and coming to an agreement. You can go and play tag, or hide and seek, and it allows the two players to kind of customise the environment, the situation that they’re going to be playing, which allows for a lot of different gaming experiences.”

NOE: In the GameCube version, the internal clock of the console is used to great effect for special events in the game. Does the DS version also make use of the internal clock, and if so, won’t that create problems when you play online because of the different time zones?

KE: “With regard to the time difference, in every online session there is always a host and visitors. The visitors will come to visit the host’s town, so the session will take place in the time zone of the host. The visitors will change time zones, like you would in real life.”

NOE: So basically it would be possible to celebrate the Halloween event in Animal Crossing twice – one time in the host’s town and several hours later when the visitor becomes the host?

KE: “Well, not Halloween. There is going to be one version of the game, and the calendar that that version will use will only exist in the Animal Crossing world. There is no Halloween in Japan, so you can’t celebrate that twice, but yes, a holiday could potentially be celebrated more than once by the same players.”

NOE: Another cool feature of the GameCube version was that you could go to someone else’s village and leave stuff for other players to find, setting up a treasure hunt for example, or leaving them a present. Do those things return in Animal Crossing DS and are there new examples?

KE: “Of course that feature will still be available in the DS version, but because of the multiplayer feature, we’re taking this to the next level. So maybe the host can hide several presents and three visitors can come into that town and start a scavenger hunt, you know? And then maybe the person who finds the most gifts or a really huge gift wins the hunt. So yes, you can still do that… and more!”

NOE: A big part of Animal Crossing is collecting items, like sunglasses or hats. Do you have any plans for offering any downloadable content in the future?

KE: “We are not planning to do that right now.”

NOE: Is there anything in Animal Crossing DS that you haven’t shown yet that you could tell to our members?

KE: “In the GameCube version, the museum and Tom Nook’s shop played a huge part. In the demo of Animal Crossing DS we have shown at E3, you cannot go in there yet… we are still working on that. But I’m hoping you are looking forward to actually going in there and seeing how big it's become!”

NOE: Thank you very much for your time!

Mehmet Karaca 
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Ich freu mich trotzdem riesig auf das Spiel!
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